New legislation to outlaw flavoured tobacco products could soon reach UK shores, Convenience Store has learned.

The warning comes after a similar proposal to ban all flavours, excluding menthol, was mooted in Canada, a country which has led the march on a number of key regulations recently imposed in the UK.

The Canadian government believes that a ban on flavours, particularly fruit or sweet ones, would make the category less attractive to young people.

Canadian Convenience Stores Association president Dave Bryans said it wouldn't be long before the UK followed suit with a flavour ban proposal. "Once again retailers are being made to look like the problem," he said.

Jim Ingram's stores in Whitstable, Kent, offer a comprehensive range of pipe tobacco products, including more than 30 flavoured variants from coffee to caramel and rum and maple.

Manager Debbie Corris said a flavour ban would devastate her business. "A ban on the display of tobacco products followed by one on flavours would cripple us," she said.