Independent retailers are adamant responsible retailing is the key to cutting firework-related anti-social behaviour.
A series of mindless attacks took place this firework season, including a number of direct attacks on retailers and their businesses.
Bolton retailer Hoan Dinh was subjected to a terrifying attack when a 200-shot repeater firework was thrown into his off licence. The retailer acted quickly and kicked the firework out of his store, although his 16-month-old baby had to be taken to hospital after inhaling smoke.
In Hartlepool, County Durham, two shop assistants narrowly escaped injury when a gang of 15 teenagers hurled a firework into a store and filmed the incident on their mobile phones. An explosion set a stack of toilet rolls on fire, filling the store with smoke.
In Scotland, a rocket was tossed into a store in Bo'ness, with workers once again narrowly escaping major injuries.
Retailers told Convenience Store it was up to those selling fireworks to do everything in their power to ensure the products didn't end up in the wrong hands.
Londis retailer Terry Caton has implemented an over-21s policy for their purchase in his Chesterfield store. He said: "We do everything we can to make sure we have the right measures to ensure we sell fireworks responsibly. We have a responsibility to the area. It annoys me that some firework shops pop up out of the blue once a year. They don't know their customers like we do and they're gone after just five or six weeks of short-term gain."
Commenting on the Bolton attack, inspector Tony Kenyon of Greater Manchester Police said: "This powerful firework could have had devastating consequences and we are lucky that we are not dealing with a tragedy. It's a miracle that no one was more seriously hurt."