Tesco has lodged an appeal against Barnet Council's decision to withhold planning permission from an Express store.
The local planning authority rejected Tesco's plan to open an Express store on Ballards Lane, Finchley, late last year, claiming the store would have "a significantly greater harmful impact on the vitality and viability of nearby town centres than the existing use".
However, the supermarket giant appealed. A Tesco spokeswoman claimed: "We think there is a need in the area. It is a small catchment, but it will be a small store."
Retailers in the area rejected the Tesco argument. Ramesh Shah, owner of Goodeats convenience store on Ballards Lane, claimed that the size of the store was not the issue. He said: "Any shop with Tesco on the front will have an effect on retailers."
Ali Sevinc of Finchley Delight Food & Wine, also on Ballards Lane, has been in his store for six months. He said: "I've put my life savings into this and don't want Tesco next door. There is already a Tesco five minutes' walk away and a Waitrose three minutes' away."
As yet, no date has been set for the appeal.