Independent retailer Bhoo Patel is celebrating after successfully leading the campaign to block the opening of the store on Birchgrove Road.
Bhoo, owner of Philog Stores in the Whitchurch area of the city, had campaigned against the store since May, citing the negative impact it would have on traffic, road safety, noise and local retailers. In doing so, he raised petitions with more than 2,000 signatures and collected 369 protest letters.
Tesco Express chief executive Colin Holmes explained that Tesco was withdrawing as it had been unable to resolve residents' concerns over traffic. He said: "We have always said we wanted to open a store here, but we also wanted to be a good neighbour. Although this was a shame for shoppers, the traffic situation is acute with no obvious resolution."
Bhoo praised the way that Tesco had worked with the community and listened to his concerns, but was keen to warn off other supermarket groups which may be interested in the site, which was previously a Majestic Wine store.
"If Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons or any other multiple has plans to make a move for the site, my message is clear and simple. Don't even think of it. I am still here with my community," said Bhoo.
He added that he was now looking forward to getting back to the job of running his store. He will also be devoting his energies to tackling to growing problem associated with underage alcohol sales in the area.