The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has responded to ASH Scotland's campaign encouraging shoppers to pressure retailers to back the tobacco display ban proposal (Convenience Store, July 24), by launching its own campaign against the ban.

The SWA is now issuing thousands of independent retailers with posters highlighting the negative impact that a display ban would have on small stores, as well as a petition for customers to sign.

The petition, which retailers must return to the SWA by August 28, will then be submitted to the Scottish Parliament.

SWA executive director Kate Salmon said that ASH Scotland was "out of touch" with the small shops sector and had "failed to consider the potentially devastating impact of an outright display ban on retailers."

Calling ASH's campaign "irresponsible", she added: "A tobacco display ban will force retailers to incur yet more costs to their businesses at a time when they need help and support."