The SuperValu range of own label products is being well received by Budgens and Londis shoppers, a recent customer survey has revealed.

A month after launch into Londis stores and two months into Budgens store, eight out of 10 shoppers said they had already bought SuperValu products, and 98% of those that had tried it said they would buy more in the future.

Price and quality were cited as the two main drivers for purchase. 

The new SuperValu range, which is comprised of more than 900 products including canned veg, breakfast cereals, bread, cheese and cooked meat, was also encouraging shoppers to buy other own label brands, Kenton Burchell, Musgrave Retail Partners GB trading director said.

“The pulse survey results are very encouraging. They show that shoppers appreciate both the value and the quality of the SuperValu range and that the launch has been received well. Crucially for the retailers we partner with, the SuperValu own brand range is enabling them to compete at a time when consumer interest in own brand ranges is seeing significant growth in the market,” he added.

Londis Lindford retailer Julian Taylor Green said he was thrilled with how well the range was being received. “It’s just a very credible range which suits customers needs for affordable quality food,” he said. “We’ve been trying to ramp up interest even further with some Euro 2012 and Supervalu T shirts for all the staff to wear.”