New research has highlighted just how much supermarket alcohol appeals to young adult drinkers.

The study, carried out by HIM, questioned 500 alcohol consumers aged 18-22 in an attempt to assess the frequency of 'pre-loading', or consuming alcohol at home before going out to a pub or club.

It found that 57% of young adults bought 'most' of their alcohol from supermarkets, compared with just 11% for local c-stores and off licences. In addition, as many as 27% reported that their first ever alcoholic drink came from a supermarket.

The research also showed that young adults consume an average of 3.3 alcoholic drinks at home before going out on a typical weekend, but an average of 5.4 drinks once they were out. But staying in at weekends seems to be an increasingly common trend for those in their early 20s, with more than half (51%) saying they go out to a pub or club less often than once a fortnight on a Friday or a Saturday.

The research study was commissioned by C-Store's sister titles Morning Advertiser and Off Licence News.