Epos support manager PCMS has attempted to allay retailer fears over support for the Sinqua operating system.

The company took over managing support for YP Electronics' Sinqua system, which is used in 1,500 convenience stores, from Palmer & Harvey in May. Retailers had voiced concerns that it would favour its own BeanStore system (C-Store, May 14).

Chris Pollard of Barlby Village Stores in Selby, North Yorkshire, had initial doubts over the system support, but told C-Store the situation had improved.

"I was ready to take the system out and leave it on their doorstep, but the glitches have now been sorted and they've promised that training will be provided," Chris told C-Store.

PCMS group sales and marketing director Richard Goodall said the company had contacted customers regarding the change of management. "We've sent all of our customers letters about the changes and we're hoping to maintain regular contact with them via e-mail.

"We'll continue to support Sinqua users."