Retailers using YP Electronics' Sinqua epos system have expressed concern about a potential lack of technical support now that management of the company has been transferred from Palmer & Harvey to the PCMS Group.

PCMS has its own epos product, BeanStore, which has already been integrated with P&H's supply chain. A spokesman for PCMS said it would continue to support the Sinqua system and its users, but retailers C-Store spoke to believe that BeanStore will now be the company's main priority.

Chris Pollard, who runs Barlby Village Stores in Selby, North Yorkshire, had the Sinqua system installed just before the change in management. He said he was unable to get any support when it broke down. "There was no training provided for three weeks and there are numerous glitches in the system," said Chris. "I rang the helpline six times in one day and wasn't called back or given any support. I invested a lot of money in this system and the fact that it's not working is unacceptable.

"I'm seriously considering getting rid of it already."

Dean Holborn of Holborn's in Redhill, Surrey, has used the Sinqua system for several years. He told C-Store that while he hadn't yet encountered a serious problem, he was concerned that PCMS may give less priority to Sinqua users should one occur.

A PCMS spokesman said that Sinqua system users should contact them if they have any problems.