Nisa Local, Elmbridge Parade 1

Retailer Sarinder Mehat has opened his third Nisa store in Hull.

The brand-new store, which opened in March, has been warmly welcomed by the locals.

Previously a Heron Foods, the 1,500 sq ft store was empty for 12 months before undergoing an extensive refit. 

Nisa Local, Elmbridge Parade 6

Boasting a modern look and feel thanks to the evolution of imagery and lighting, the store features energy saving door chillers that cover much of the inner wall space and houses an impressive range of both chilled products as well as alcohol and sandwiches.

The store has enhanced its food to go offering with a Smokin’ Bean coffee machine recently installed, while Rollover hotdogs will also be installed in the coming weeks. 

An iced drinks machine will also be operational in time for the summer months.

Sarinder recognised that nowadays his customers are very price concious, therefore, everyday value and promotions are evident across the store giving customers bargain options as well as essential products across chilled, fresh and ambient. 

Nisa Local, Elmbridge Parade 5

“We felt that Nisa offers that quality Co-op brand but also the capability to offer strong promotions to customers,” he said. 

Regular promotions also include beers, wines, spirits and vapes.

Sarinder, who has 20 years’ experience in convenience retail, said the initial response to the store from the local community has been really pleasing: “It has been a good start for the store, and we are happy with the opening weeks of trading. We’ve got 5 stores now, including three with Nisa, and we really like Nisa so in future when opening stores we will look to partner with Nisa.

“The Nisa team have done a very good job and I’m thankful to Graeme and others for helping us to get off the ground. We know we’re in a competitive area but being with Nisa allows us to offer something a little bit different too with local partners and a stronger food to go range.

“Nisa and MADL also allow us the opportunity to work with the local community and that is something I will be bringing to this store’s community also”.