Suspect Wonka chocolate bars, which are not made by Nestlé and do not meet a number of key consumer protection regulations, are being seized from stores across the country, Convenience Store has learned.

The bars, which contravene a number of labelling requirements and infringe on the Nestlé trademark, also fall well below the standard to be called milk chocolate.

The bars claim that there are five prize-winning golden tickets up for grabs. However, every bar seized has so far been found to contain a ticket, yet no information on how or where consumers can claim their prize, contravening further legislation.

Trading Standards Institute lead officer for Intellectual Property Handley Brustad said the problem appeared to be escalating. “At first we thought it was concentrated in South Wales, but are now finding bars in London and beyond,” he said.

Finding where the bars have come from is proving difficult, Brustad said, as retailers involved have little or no company information and were approached in their stores to buy the stock.

“The importance of sticking to reputable sources of supply, cannot be overstated,” he added.