Thousands of retailers have been urged to claim money owed to them by music licensing company PPL.

Earlier in the year the High Court ruled that PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) - the licensing body which collects record companies’ copyright fees from shops - must repay excessive charges set in 2005.

However, more than 16,000 licensees have failed to claim funds, of which 5,027 are shops and stores. Around £4 million has been claimed by shops and stores so far.

James Lowman, chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), said: “The legal victory to secure funds for retailers has been a great success and that is why we are urging retailers to claim the money owed to them.”

He said the refund process had been made as light touch as possible for retailers, with the onus on PPL to make contact.

“We recommend all retailers to check if they have received notification for a refund and to submit this claim," Lowman added.

The High Court’s rejection of PPL’s appeal against an earlier Copyright Tribunal ruling means the body will have to refund all retailers who have overpaid for their licence since 2005.