National Lottery retailers struck it lucky over the past six weeks with extra sales generated by a massive Euromillions jackpot rollover.

Malcolm Crump of Spar Compton in Wolverhampton said that sales for Euromillions were up 15% during that period. "It was bonkers," he said. "The shop would get so busy at 7.30 in the evening with people spending £100 at a time on it. It generated a great atmosphere in the store, though, with everyone rushing to get their tickets."

Bob Gibson, who runs a Premier store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, also reported an increase in Euromillions sales during the rollover weeks. "A lot of people who don't usually do the Lottery were doing it," he said.

The Euromillions jackpot had not been won for 14 consecutive draws and reached the maximum top prize fund of £166m. The main jackpot was eventually won on July 12 by a couple from Falkirk, Scotland.

Malcolm added that demand tailed off after the jackpot was won, but it had generated extra sales from new customers. "It didn't sustain for the Wednesday draw, but it brought us a lot of additional business," he said.