Retailers have reported celebrating strong in-store sales over the weekend as England, Wales and Northern Ireland kicked off their Euro 2016 campaigns.

In Sheffield, Singh’s Premier enjoyed a week-on-week 31% sales uplift across its three stores, driven by the promotion of alcohol deals on social media.

“Our biggest winners were all our Facebook adverts,” said joint owner Mandeep Singh. “We added 14 new members to our Facebook page and have seen a few new faces in all three stores. This is something we had never even thought about during Euro 2012.

“Social media is becoming one of the most effective tools in relating our businesses with our community and customers. We urge all retailers to get started if not already doing so.”

He said sales of Strongbow Dark Fruit 10 packs increased by 53%; Carling 15 packs by 61%; and Fosters 15 packs by 42%.

“We’ve just linked up with Coca Cola and have secured a deal to giveaway football during the England games,” Mandeep added. “We’ve done a sweepstake and I think all the teams were picked in minutes, which shows that our pages are being watched around the clock. Engagement is so important, you have to measure yourself with likes, shares and comments.”

In Gloucestershire, Harj Dhasee, of Nisa, Mickleton, said packs of beer “absolutely flew out”, aided by cross-merchandising with Mackie’s crisps on offer for £1. The store gained £1,000 extra in sales, also due to Harj’s participation in the Queen’s birthday celebrations. He provided picnic ingredients for a community party, which took place from 2pm until midnight on Saturday.

Julian Taylor-Green, of Spar Lindford, Hampshire, said the football and weather contributed to an 8% sales uplift over the week, with 700ml bottles of beer on offer for 2 for £4 selling particularly well.