Shoppers at Maloney's Budgens of Ascot were treated to an impressive three-course 'Seasonal Lunch' when owners Vince and Dennis Maloney held the first in a series of quarterly events to celebrate the store's wide range of groceries from small producers.

The menu, which was prepared and cooked by celebrity chefs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, included ingredients such as sausages from small firm Bangers Galore. Representatives from many small producers also attended.

"The day was a huge success and has really helped us to create a point of difference between our store and the Tesco Express down the road," said Vince. "We're now anticipating the second Seasonal Lunch this summer to generate an even more impressive turnout."

Local marketing expert Stephanie Rice, who helped the brothers to organise the event, added: "The future for local products is in retail stores, not farmers' markets. Shoppers have a huge appetite for quality products from small producers, but they want to be able to buy them every day in a convenient location, which is where small stores have a huge opportunity."