A convenience store in Peterborough has had its licence revoked after being found guilty of selling illicit tobacco.

Test purchasers were offered and were able to purchase foreign labelled tobacco and cigarettes from Mansor Azher’s Best Deli store in Millfield on two separate occasions.

A subsequent raid also found 10 packets of illicit cigarettes hidden in the store.

Peterborough City Council’s Licensing Act Sub Committee said that the sale of illicit cigarettes had a detrimental impact on the community and customers and the store can no longer sell alcohol or tobacco.

Peterborough City Council’s regulatory officer Karen Woods said: “We will not tolerate the sale of illegally imported cigarettes in Peterborough. These shopkeepers caught selling illegally imported cigarettes or tobacco have deprived honest retailers, manufacturers and the authorities of legitimate revenue and that is not acceptable.

“We will continue to clamp down on the illicit market with our partners to protect consumers and retailers.”