Jo and 'Blue' Walshe, owners of Shepton Stores in Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, are winners of the first prize of £750 in the annual FWD My Shop Is Your Shop/Convenience Store reader competition (C-Store, October 5, 2007, p32).

The Walshes won the cash, which will go towards buying laptops for the local school, in the competition to find the best community projects supported by local retailers.
MSYS campaign chairman Alan Toft presented their prize at a ceremony in the store - an event that was reported in the local media.
Toft said: "We must make the consumer more aware of the true value of the family business and this is one way of building a positive profile for the Walshes."
Jo, who is a school governor, is a big supporter of the MSYS campaign. She is planning activities for National Independents' Week 08 which begins on Monday, June 2.
She said: "This campaign stands for all the things we try to promote in our business. The reason we so enjoy being here is that we are part of the community and not simply supplying a service to unfamiliar faces."
Second prize of £500 went to Anil Madan, of Wellmeadow Licensed Grocers in Paisley. The cash will go towards the store's fund to buy improved security locks and smoke alarms for flats occupied by local elderly people.
Third prize of £250 was awarded to Lesley Brown of Frankmarsh Stores, Barnstaple, Devon, to buy long-handled litter pickers for the shop's campaign for cleaner streets.