Menzies Distribution has introduced a new web-based, centralised magazine allocation system, which it says will result in an improved service to retailers.
Called i-Mag, it was designed in-house by a project team working alongside the IT department and centralises Menzies' entire allocation operation at its head office.
Magazine supply manager Andrew Poskitt explains: "We allocate more than 4,000 publications each year among our customers and i-Mag will assist us in fulfilling our retail and publisher briefs while also reducing shortage levels and improving availability."
Poskitt continues: "An enhanced constraints management system will help us tailor our service to specific retailers. If needed, i-Mag allows us to 'tag' specific accounts with a range of exclusions. For instance, one customer may not
be interested in the introduction of new titles. Alternatively, a retailer may have no interest in stocking adult publications; if so, we can place a specific constraint, either permanent or temporary, for that retailer."
Allocation advice notes will be sent to retailers daily, providing information on the title, the promotion, allocation quantities and sale information.
Retailers are able to make adjustments to their allocations up to 48 hours prior to delivery.
In addition to launching the bespoke system, Menzies has also recruited a team of dedicated magazine allocation specialists.