Staff at a Lancashire store are being abused by angry youngsters after enforcing a No ID, No Sale policy.
Several members of staff at the Spar shop in Portland Road, Langho, have been verbally abused by local youths after refusing to sell them alcoholic drinks without proof of age.
Owner Philip Thompson fears that his team could suffer physical attack and has notified the police.
"We shouldn't have to take the abuse," he said. "We asked one girl to leave and she tried to kick one of my staff. It was disgraceful - I hope it doesn't get to that physical level regularly, but you just don't know."
The store's licence is currently under review after it failed a police and Trading Standards test purchase operation. "I was mortified," said Philip. "In 14 years here we have had test purchases from the police and never had any problems. One of my staff made a mistake - but it's the abuse they are getting that really frustrates me. It seems to be getting worse."