Spar is this month piloting a training scheme to cover sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Spar managing director Debbie Robinson revealed that she had been working on creating the bespoke training since November, with a test scheme launching this month.

“It’s for the whole of our teams and we are taking one team out first - fairly evenly split from a gender perspective - and their feedback will help design the whole training course as we couldn’t find anything that exists today,” she said.

“The idea for this training course has been about for some time. It is about setting and maintaining standards of professional behaviour. To understand what is acceptable or not.

”Our approach on this training is to build the behavioural standards with a representative group of employees from across the organisation. So, when we come to roll it out to everyone else, we will have advocates and ambassadors of the behavioural standards already in place, helping us to max ownership, understanding and adoption.”