A retailer in Kenley, Surrey, was forced to close his business when drivers abandoned their cars outside his store during the snowy weather.

The car parking spaces have a one-hour restriction, but the recent heavy snow meant drivers left their cars for several days, preventing customers from parking and hampering trade.

According to Jimmy Vigh, who runs Drinks Paradise, takings were down by 40% due to what he called the "selfish, arrogant" behaviour of drivers.

"That's a big chunk when you're an independent business," he said. "I had to close for a few days for my own sanity as customers weren't able to park outside like they normally do.

Jimmy contacted Transport for London (TfL) about the problem, saying that even in normal weather conditions the one-hour restriction was not being enforced. "It's making my life a misery, and it's not the way you expect to be treated as a local shop," he added.

A spokeswoman for TfL said that its priority during the recent adverse weather conditions was to ensure the safety of motorists and other road users across London, and that they would be taking a "commonsense approach to enforcement during this time".