The Post Office has been urged to better communicate its Local initiative in Wales after a survey found the public were confused about the services it offered.

A report by watchdog Consumer Focus in Wales has revealed that while the public welcomed the longer hours and easier access that Post Office Local provided, they are confused over its services.

Consumer Focus post specialist Rebecca Thomas said: “Post Office Locals have the potential to offer the reliable service that consumers rely on, but there are many areas that need to see improvement.”

It urges the Post Office to: offer training to all Local staff allow for flexibility of product and service ranges and address consumer concerns over privacy and time spent at the till.

Six Post Office Locals are being tested in Wales, offering core services such as general post, pension and benefits withdrawals and bill payment.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Assembly has relaunched the Post Office Diversification Fund. The scheme, which provides £2m of funding for POs over three years, has been revamped after an independent evaluation.