Shoppers have reacted positively to the introduction of Musgrave-supplied convenience grocery lines into Boots stores, according to new research from HIM.

In an exit poll of 150 shoppers leaving Boots stores where the trial is taking place, 58% said they were ‘likely or very likely’ to buy into these new food categories, while 68% liked the idea that Boots should sell a bigger range of food and grocery products in the future.

Under the trial, Boots stores are stocking food lines such as vegetables, ready meals and bakery, including selected items from Musgrave’s Supervalu range. Small Boots stores are expected to stock around 130 new food lines, while larger stores will stock up to 800.

According to the study, the categories shoppers see themselves as being most likely to buy from the new Boots store are milk and bread, with 68% and 67% of shoppers saying they are likely to purchase them at a Boots store in the future. The pharmacy is also trialling a £10 evening meal deal for two people in store, representing a saving of about 35%, in order to build on its established lunchtime offer.  According to HIM research, the chain’s lunchtime meal deal is the number one driver of footfall to Boots among food-to-go shoppers.

US pharmacy chain Walgreens owns a 45% stake in Boots and dedicates a significant amount of space to food in its stores.