Anxieties among shoppers about food prices are on the increase, new research from consumer organisation Which? reveals.

The percentage of people – based on a nationally representative online survey of about 2,000 UK households – that are worried about food prices has climbed 8% to 58% in the space of a month. Just 46% of people were worried about food prices a year ago.

Food prices were found to be one of the biggest consumer concerns, just behind energy and fuel prices, but way ahead of nine other issues, including prices of overseas holidays, prices of electrical goods and clothing.

Worries about food safety standards was three quarters of the way down the list of 12 issues named in the Which? Consumer Insight Tracker.

Now Which? has called on the government to place consumers at the heart of forthcoming Brexit negotiations when it comes to food and other issues.

Vickie Sheriff, director of campaigns and communications at Which?, said: “Consumer confidence is key to economic stability and growth so the uncertainty about Brexit that increasing numbers of people in the UK are feeling must be addressed.

“We have found there is a growing concern about the impact of Brexit and worry that consumers’ interests will not be represented in the negotiations.”

The government must ensure consumers had “a seat at the table” and were not unduly squeezed by price rises, Sheriff added.