Stores and retail chains that offer poor customer service are to be named and shamed in a new TV series fronted by retail guru Mary Portas, which hits TV screens this month.

In her new series, Secret Shopper, Portas exposes dismal customer service offered at a number of well-known high street chains and superstores.

Portas and her team of secret shoppers revealed "shoddy shop floors and minimal service from apathetic shop staff," in the new series, which airs on Channel 4.

"The giants may be delivering bumper profits, but they won't be smiling for long," said Portas.

"The so-called service industry has become a faceless 'I couldn't give a monkey's' business'," she said. "Look at Tesco supermarkets. Nobody even says 'Hello'. It's just beep, beep, 'Have you got a Clubcard?' They don't even give you the price you've got to look at the machine. It's like we've lost all type of communication or any care for it," she said.

Portas hopes that the series will start a "retail revolution", which will "give shoppers the service they deserve".

In her last TV series, called Mary Queen of Shops, Portas championed independent retailers.