A tiny store in the Shetland Islands has taken on Tesco in one of the last areas beyond the reach of the supermarket giant. Brian Law, who runs The Mail Shop in the 400-strong community of Bressay Island, is facing competition from the newly opened Tesco in Lerwick, a short ferry ride away.

He told the Scottish Sunday Mail: “In the run up to opening their store, Tesco ran an ad showing a trolley of products, many its own brand, which cost less than £20. I decided not to take this lying down and got the magnifying glass out, listed the goods and went round our wee shop checking the prices we charge for them.”

The goods in Brian’s shop were just 78p more expensive.

“For two people and a car to get over to Lerwick on the ferry costs £11.10. By shopping with us, people will save £10,” he said.

Brian responded to the Tesco offer with a poster saying: ‘The same goods in The Mail Shop, Bressay, £20.78. No travelling. No ferry fares. No queueing. No hassle. No Tesco own brands. The choice is yours.’

“We had a good positive response,” Brian said. A Tesco spokesman added: “This shows competition is alive and well in the retail sector.”