Retailers in Scotland can now get instant access to the latest information on alcohol legislation, via a new iTunes App launched by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation  (SGF) and the Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA).

Using information from the guide, ‘The Alcohol Act Explained’ which was published  last year, the App provides retailers everything they need to know about the sale of alcohol following the battery of changes to licensing legislation that took effect under on October 1 2011.

The guide was created by the SGF and SWA, and was produced in partnership with a number of leading drinks companies.

The way in which retailers were communicating was evolving, SGF chief executive John Drummond said. “The orange book was warmly received by the trade in this regard and now that same information is available in a more convenient and mobile format,” he added.

The App can be accessed at the iTunes website.

The SWA has also launched a new Digital Library which will store key publications and information, including a digital version of ‘The Alcohol Guide Act Explained.

Alerts will also be sent out to its members whenever the Digital Library is updated.