Dynamic Retail, which has nine Scotfresh convenience stores across the central belt of Scotland, has set itself a summer 2017 target for rolling out its embryonic food service model throughout the estate.

The Booker-supplied chain, operated by the Marwaha family, launched Oor Kitchen in its 2,600 sq ft Denny store 15 months ago, which managing director Chris Gallacher (pictured) said had been “a success”.

He told C-Store the group will have rolled out the brand to its entire estate “hopefully” by May or June next year.

Gallacher, who has just received the plans for putting the Oor Kitchen offering into the group’s smaller stores, said: “We are changing our model drastically to negate minimum pricing on alcohol, plain packaging on tobacco and the National Minimum Wage.”

He said the Denny store had a full aluminium flue with an opportunity to fry and serve chips.

The newer model in the other stores would be “more of a food operation” on the side of the counter which would be a hotplate to serve from an oven, a chilled delicatessen section which would serve different salads and fillings for rolls and baguettes, a fresh cake serve-over, soup at the back and coffee.

Different menus would be available for lunch, including “tatties and mince” and a curry and rice. In the morning sliced sausage and bacon rolls would be available, as well as porridge, hot filled rolls and coffee.

“It will be able to offer morning, lunch and evening service through the hotplate,” said Gallacher, who was promoted from retail operations manager earlier this year.

“The model we are putting in place is going to hopefully improve our profitability and increase customer footfall.”

Scotfresh stores range in size from 800sq ft to 2,800 sq ft.