Independent retailer and C-Store columnist Dave Newman has been doing his bit to right society's wrongs by trialling a new 'Community Resolution' scheme which helps shoplifters understand the impact of their crime.

As part of the scheme, which is being run by Sussex Police, Dave opted to let a teenage boy who had stolen from him spend a day working in the store, rather than pursuing criminal charges.

"Before the day's work began the teen and his parents attended a meeting with me, where I explained the damage shoplifting has on a small business. He then worked alongside me for the rest of the day doing a wide variety of different jobs. I think it helped him to realise just how hard we retailers have to work, and that we aren't rich men who just sit behind our counters all day," Dave said.

"I'm pretty sure the message got through, and personally I felt much better about things. I left work that day with a sense that something positive had been achieved," he added.

According to Sussex Police, similar schemes in other parts of the country have produced positive results, with participants less likely to re-offend.