Entrepreneurial retailer Mark Johnson has turned a staff suggestion into a money-spinner by selling alcoholic slushies. 

“We introduced them five weeks ago and they’ve done brilliantly,” said Mark, who runs Celebrations Off Licence in Stockport with wife Heather. “We charge £3 each and margins are more than 70%.” 

Customers over the age of 18 can choose from a selection of enticing fl avours listed on a smart, laminated menu, created by Mark. Options include: Jäger-icester with Jägermeister; Frozen Russian with vodka; Chilly Scotsman with whisky; and Frozen Napoleon with brandy. They are then sold a miniature of their chosen alcohol, which is poured into a cola-fl avoured slushie. 

The idea came as a direct result of Mark deciding to adopt more open communications with staff. 

“My supervisor Stephanie suggested we do it and I wasn’t sure, but she was right – it’s been great,” he said. When C-Store spoke to Mark, he claimed to have sold more than 50 of the spirit-based drinks in just fi ve days and was confi dent that sales would rocket over the bank holidays.