Nearly four in five retailers (78%) say working more closely with suppliers will increase total stores sales, according to new research from HIM.

The new study, ‘Encouraging collaboration with suppliers’, also found that 74% of respondents said that working closer with manufacturers would drive footfall to their store, while 73% said it would improve the look of their store.

In terms of type of support retailers want from manufacturers, 30% said promotional support, 29% said range recommendations and 15% said rewards schemes.

The demand for range recommendations chimes with HIM’s research, which found that one in four shoppers say they are not fully satisfied with the range in c-stores. Some 15% of shoppers say a wider range would make them use c-stores more for top up, and 11% say it would make them use c-stores more for evening meal solutions.

“The only way we are going to see a really significant, industry wide change in how UK shoppers view the UK convenience industry, is by retailers and suppliers working together. Retailers are telling us, they want help,” said Katie Littler, insights & communications director at HIM.