With less than eight months before a tobacco display ban is enforced in small stores, retailers across the UK are reaping the benefits of new overhead tobacco gantries following a tie-in with the supplier and a number of key symbol groups.

Best-One, Premier and Today’s retailers, as well as NFRN members, are being offered discounts on Expotutto’s Servertab unit, which has a normal market price of £1,683 plus VAT.

Units have been installed in 50 stores, with many more in the pipeline, said Expotutto marketing director Luigi Spina. All 50 stores were reporting overall sales increases since installing the units, which free up back wall space for high-margin products.

Premier retailer Steve Archer of Biddulph in Staffordshire, has seen his turnover rise by £1,000 a week since fitting the gantry earlier this year.

Best-One trading manager Ross Halliday told Convenience Store the units provided a “fantastic” display ban solution. “The retailer is always front 
facing, which helps eliminate theft, and they increase the sales area. An alcohol range can be extended or promoted, and products positioned behind the till point, offering greater impulse sales opportunities,” he added.

Halliday urged retailers whose gantry alterations were not being funded by JTI or Imperial to consider a Servertab unit.

“Moving forward, no more gantries will be provided by the tobacco companies so all new Best-one members, or those whose contracts have expired, will be able to get the Servertab unit from Best-One.

Retailer Pam Dhesi of Best-one in Barry, south Wales, said she “couldn’t be happier” with the unit. “It’s neat and tidy and frees up lots of space for items such as medicines or alcohol,” she explained.