Booker has defended its policy of a 1% administration charge for its credit card transactions.
Booker recently announced that it was to accept credit cards for the first time in all of its 172 branches across the country, claiming that the move would give retailers better service and flexibility as a result of more payment options.
However, the move received an unfavourable response from Douglas Gill, who runs Doug 'N Di's c-store in Stockport, Cheshire. Previously Douglas had been able to use his credit card at his local Booker without any extra charge. He said that a charge of 1% on the £2,000-£3,000 a week he spends at Booker was too much and that he would have to go back to cherry-picking from other local cash & carries.
Booker sales director Warren Thomson commented: "Booker does not make any profit from this fee, which helps to cover administration costs, and considers that it is the fairest way to serve all of our customers."