Respondents to the government's Red Tape Challenge have overwhelmingly backed the current Sunday trading regime, according to C-Store analysis.

As part of the government's aim to reduce regulation, the initiative asks industry and the general public to comment on bureaucracy across a number of sectors on the Red Tape Challenge website. The retail window is now closed, but a cross-section analysis of the 2,608 views on Sunday Trading indicates 80% are opposed to allowing supermarkets to open for more than six hours on a Sunday. Retailers, supermarket staff and members of the public were among those calling for the current system to remain unchanged or even tightened.

Supermarket employee Rebecca Cole wrote: "It will be a travesty if opening hours are extended just [for supermarkets] to make more money. The small corner shops and garages will suffer as they will lose the usual Sunday trade they get after the big stores have closed."

Cambridgeshire retailer Jonathan James wrote: "I can't help feeling that removing Sunday trading would severely dent the Prime Minister's Big Society ambitions."

A Department for Business Innovation and Skills spokesman said the responses would be analysed over the next three months before being discussed by the Cabinet.

The Association of Convenience Stores said it welcomed the "strong response" from retailers, workers and the general public in favour of the existing Sunday trading rules.

The Red Tape Challenge is now inviting comment on hospitality, food and drink, including food labelling and the Licensing Act.

NB The analysis includes the first 130 and the final 130 responses from the Red Tape Challenge consultation on Sunday Trading.