An East Sussex MP is calling on his constituents to compile a list of "family friendly" newsagents who they feel are displaying magazine covers appropriately.

Michael Foster, Labour MP for Hastings and Rye, said that parents in his constituency had complained to him about the way sexually explicit material is displayed in the eye line of children.

"Most shops keep men's magazines on the top shelf, but other images on display can be just as blatant," he said.

Foster acknowledged that voluntary guidelines existed governing the placement of lads' mags, but added: "I've been approached by residents who rightly feel that it isn't acceptable to have material of this kind on open display where young children can see it.

"I am calling on residents to let me know which shops they deem are 'family friendly' and we will publish a list of those on my website."

His comments follow the release of a Home Office report calling for tougher regulation of lads' mags (C-Store, March 19).

"This campaign will encourage newsagents and shops to be proactive in how they deal with this material," Foster said.