Administrators for Dawsons News, the newstrade wholesaler which ceased trading last week, have reassured retailers that their returns and vouchers will be honoured by the company and that supply of newspapers and magazines will pass to either Smiths News or Menzies Distribution.

However, it is not yet clear whether newsagents' deposits lodged with Surridge Dawsons Ltd and Solent SD Ltd will be returned.

In a letter to Dawsons' customers, administrator R H Kelly said: “All returns and vouchers will be honoured by the companies and you should continue to make payments for supplies received up to Saturday August 1 in the normal way. 

“In the first instance, credits for ongoing returns will be set off against any outstanding debt. If the value of your outstanding returns is greater than your outstanding debt, the credit ultimately owing to you will be refunded by way of cheque or through your existing banking arrangements with Dawson News.”

Your new wholesaler will be writing to you separately with regard to the specific details of your ongoing deliveries and to advise you of payment instructions going forward.”

Kelly said retailers with questions about the administration process should call 0208 774 3000.

John Lennon of the Association of News Retailers said: “We regret the sad demise of  Dawsons News and our thoughts are with the management and staff of the company at what will be a difficult time.

“ANR will be continuing to update retailers on the implications of the sale of Dawsons News for customers on our website, or members can call 01252 515001.”