Retailers keen to get involved in National Independents Week (NIW), which runs from June 4, can now lay their hands on special promotional kits.
Organisers from the My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) campaign have increased the number of kits, which contain t-shirts, caps and in-store theatre items, to 5,000 after experiencing a surge in demand in 2006.
The t-shirts carry the MSYS 'local and proud of it' message as well as images of the 12 brands participating in the event through money-off vouchers in the Daily Mirror and Daily Record newspapers.
Brands appearing on the t-shirt this year are Birds Eye, Branston, Bulmers, Foster's Twist, Guinness, Nobby's Nuts, Walkers Sensations, Pedigree, Persil, Pot Noodle, Ribena and Rosemount Wines. Between them, the brands will offer each customer a saving of £4.25.
Plans for the event's series of street parties are also continuing with the MSYS team drawing up a protocol document to help guide interested retailers.
MSYS chariman Alan Toft said: "Street parties need to be planned with care but for retailers with the right location and customer profile, they can be very successful."
To request a NIW kit, and information on how to set up your own street party, call 0161 440 2789.