Londis retailer Raj Aggarwal is leading the fight to keep a Tesco One Stop store out of Wigston, Leicester, where he owns a store.

Raj has organised a petition signed by almost 2,000 local residents and drummed up support from other retailers to fight the retail giant's application. While he does not believe his business will suffer, he feels that the 2,000sq ft store will cause massive traffic congestion.

"We are not really worried about our trade, but we are more concerned about extra traffic," said Raj. "The area is already congested; you only have to be around during rush hour to see it is horrendous.

"If this store gets approval there will be four Tescos within a mile and a quarter. That's far too many for one town. We have a Councillor who is willing to speak against the new store and the local police are unhappy about it as well."

He added: "There's a level crossing near the site and any large truck making deliveries will block the view of people crossing the road and that could lead to a major accident."