CCTV images of a break-in at a Hertfordshire convenience store show how two raiders forced entry to the store and escaped with cash and cigarettes in less than three minutes.

Cameras at the Londis store in Potters Bar recorded two men approaching the store shortly before 3am on July 18. They forced up the shop’s shutter and used a litter bin to prop it open as they kicked through the door.

Once inside, the raiders cleaned out the till, then kicked their way into a cigarette storage cupboard under the gantry. They used the store’s baskets to make off with their haul.

Owner Hari Bhojani estimated damage to the store would cost him £4,000 to repair. “I think people who do these crimes need to be stopped – it’s damaged our business for the next few days,” he said.

The local newspaper, Welwyn and Hatfield Times, has posted the video on its website,