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At KP Snacks we stand firmly together with our trade partners in what has been an extremely challenging time and hope to offer our expertise in what makes the perfect store.

Planning your space and having the right products is critical to the profits and sales that a store can achieve. It is important to ensure that your customers can easily find what they are looking for and that you have the right space for each product. Operational challenges and a lack of insights can lead to disappointed customers if they cannot find what they are looking for. 

It is crucial that your store is set up to meet shopper needs as we slowly move out of the pandemic and into a recessionary environment. Much has changed, and the way shoppers shop, and where they shop, has too. Being ready to meet these needs will both attract, and keep, these shoppers in your stores. 

Using the 3 Steps of the Perfect Store will help you to build better snack sales in a category that has continued to perform through the pandemic, and is now more prevalent in shopper baskets. With a great track record of growth, innovation, and delivery for our customers, KP Snacks is here to help you help your customers. 

Our tips for retailers include understanding your shopper and their missions, and stocking a strong core range that covers the top-selling lines which will deliver category growth. Retailers should look to drive impulsive purchases in-store by making use of impactful branded displays and secondary placement, as well as using PMPs and promotional offers to catch the shopper’s attention.

Retailers should also tailor their range to the preferences of local customer needs, enticing shoppers with on-shelf display. It is also valuable to make use of supplier planograms, such as those provided by KP Snacks, as these are created to make it easier for consumers to shop the category and ensures ranges are kept relevant over time with NPD. 

To find out more, click here to download our guide to the perfect store.