James Dunbar, Head of Field Sales, Camelot talks about how their Retail Sales Team has worked continuously to ensure retailers are fully supported throughout these tough times and how they’re providing even more support to help retailers further drive their businesses.

“To help our retailers through this difficult time, we have been committed to supporting their businesses in numerous ways. Our Retail Sales Executives (RSEs) have continued to provide remote support via phone and email, our Customer Development Executives have been supporting our newly onboarded retailers through offering online training sessions, the freephone Retailer Hotline has remained fully operational, we’ve continued with Scratchcard stock deliveries, and we have provided ongoing updates through our dedicated website, The National Lottery Retailer Hub.

“We have also been focusing on plans to return to the field, and last month we were able to start visiting National Lottery retailers again - in order to fully support them in driving sales and serving local communities.The return of our RSEs to the field will be gradual across the whole of the UK, and we will be working to understand each individual retailer and their particular circumstances. Alongside the retailer visits we are now conducting, we have also invested significantly in upgrading our award-winning retailer website, The National Lottery Retailer Hub. This ensures all stores can access the latest news updates, personalised data such as the store’s National Lottery sales, commission and Good Causes contribution, e-learning training modules, information about all National Lottery games and the new Rewards Dashboard - which makes it easier for retailers to view their Site, Stock, Sell score, rewards earned* and redeem them with one simple click.”

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Site, Stock, Sell - 3 steps to success

The Site, Stock, Sell rewards scheme is a 10-point programme to help retailers improve their in-store standards and increase sales throughout the year by answering simple questions. By following each step plus the advice and top tips provided, retailers can build the foundations of a successful business with the sale of National Lottery products in their store.

Introducing Site, Stock, Sell Online

“On the topic of Site, Stock, Sell, we also have some great news to share. Following its short pause due to our RSEs not being able to visit stores during lockdown as they normally would, we are delighted to announce the launch of Site, Stock, Sell ONLINE.”

“From 27th July, retailers will be able to score their store against our ten Site, Stock, Sell questions by uploading photos to the National Lottery Retailer Hub website. The photos will be reviewed online by their RSE and they will receive cash rewards for scoring 8, 9 or 10/10!

“What’s more, we’re introducing a new Site, Stock, Sell score bonus, which means that if a retailer gets 8, 9 or 10/10 across the three online burst opportunities, they’ll earn an extra £20! This is all on top of the normal £10 bonus events that will continue to support special event draws and Scratchcard campaigns - and this means retailers could earn up to £70 per store in the space of three months.

“Plus, more great news - the quarterly £10,000 prize draw will be split into 10 prizes of £1,000, giving more retailers who score 8/10 or over the chance to win big in our new ‘Money Maker Event’.

It’s really important to us that retailers have the chance to continue earning rewards for working so hard throughout these difficult times - so we’ve pulled out all the stops, and upgraded our website functionality to allow retailers to be scored and rewarded with Site, Stock, Sell Online up until the end of September 2020.”

Here’s a recap of what retailers can earn with Site, Stock, Sell during this time:

Site, Stock, Sell score & extra bonus

8+ Image

Burst 1, July 27th - 16th August: Score 8, 9 or 10 - earn £10

Burst 2, 17th August - 6th September: Score 8, 9 or 10 - earn £10

Burst 3, 7th September - 27th September: Score 8, 9 or 10 - earn £10

Score 8 or more in all three months to earn an extra £20 bonus!

Money Maker Event

Money Maker Event Image

Score 8 or more out of 10 on Site, Stock, Sell and you’ll be automatically entered into the new Money Maker Event prize draw for the chance to win £1,000. This prize will be awarded to 10 lucky winners! Each time you score 8+, you will gain an entry into the prize draw, meaning you have three opportunities across the three bursts to enter.

Bonus events

Bonus Events

During July to September, there will be two bonus events - giving you the chance to win £10 for siting your POS and uploading the pictures as you normally would. Keep a lookout on The Retailer Hub for when these go live.

Total Rewards - what you could earn


So in all - you have the chance to earn a fantastic £70 per store with Site, Stock, Sell in the space of just three months!

Retailers can look out for more information and step-by-step instructions on how to upload photos for Site, Stock, Sell Online and how to make sure they are store-ready in time for the launch on the 27th July - all available on the TNL Retailer Hub soon.

It’s worth retailers making sure the Site, Stock, Sell principles are in place now, in preparation for when they can start scoring again and of course, helping drive their profitability in the process. For a reminder of the Site, Stock, Sell questions, head to The National Lottery Retailer Hub today and reap the rewards! Click here to visit now.

*Eligible National Lottery retailers only. Ts&Cs apply.