Wrigley is reinvigorating its heritage Doublemint brand with a new mints portfolio.

Designed to meet the needs of those looking for fresh breath with an entirely sugarfree range, Doublemint is overhauling its core offering to become a more traditional gum brand.

With a complete range of NPD and a fully integrated marketing drive, Doublemint hopes to propel the mints category, which is currently worth £182m, back into growth.

The new portfolio has something for every mint usage occasion, with the launch of a single roll pack (28g), bottle (70pc) and sharing bag (115g, 36pc). The roll pack will also be available as multipack containing three-roll packs (84g). To complete the sugarfree offering Doublemint gum will also be relaunched with a brand-new sugarfree formula, for consumers looking for a gum.

Supported with a £2m investment in 2016, the launch provides consumers with a selection of peppermint products that deliver cool, freshening properties. Ideal for impulse occasions, Doublemint provides portable and discreet packs.

Wrigley’s says it has 82% brand awareness in the UK. The launch is accompanied by a new contemporary look and feel which builds on and leverages the distinctive Doublemint green and famous arrow graphic, making Doublemint packs standout in the mint category, and delivering a new energised mint offering for retailers.

Julio Guijarro, Wrigley UK marketing director, says: “Doublemint has great heritage in the UK and is loved by many, which is why we’re excited to launch the revitalised brand into the mint category. With a variety of pack formats, the new Doublemint portfolio has something for every mint usage occasion, and with previously limited investment into the category, the launch is set to put it in growth.

“We are committed to ensuring consumer needs are always satisfied. With the changing nature of people’s lifestyles, providing an on-the-go breath freshener which can be enjoyed regularly - due to its sugar free credentials - is something we identified as a key demand in the category.”

With many mint purchases unplanned, retailers can benefit from adding this front of store margin provider to their till point offering. Doublemint single roll pack and gum will be suited to the Wrigley display unit, while Doublemint bottle and sharing bags should be located in the mints section in the confectionery aisle. The brand says that offering this wide choice of pack formats will help retailers meet different consumer demands, and in turn benefit from increased sales.