Wrigley UK is promoting its in-car gum holder with a new advertising campaign this month.

The campaign will be supported with a new extension of the brand’s Time to Shine advert – Arrive Ready. The new ad shows a series of everday gum situations with an unexpected twist at the end. It is available now on Facebook, and is expected to reach more than 8.9 million consumers.

The new Wrigley campaign will run from now until the end of February, across TV and social media channels.

The Wrigley gum holder has been distributed to around 5 million drivers, since its launch in 2016, and can be used to conveniently keep bottles of Extra and Airwaves to hand whilst on the road.

The holder comes free of charge when bought with selected gum bottles. The formats on offer include Extra Peppermint, Extra Spearmint (60pc), Extra White, Extra White Bubblemint, Extra Ice Peppermint and Extra Coolbreeze (46pc), as well as Airwaves Menthol & Eucalyptus (46pc) and new Extra Mints (70 pc).

Alyona Fedorchenko, Gum, Mints & Fruity Confections marketing director at Wrigley UK said: “We work hard to unlock new consumption occasions for consumers, and our in car gum holder has already helped millions of drivers to Arrive Ready at their destination. With the growth in consumers’ interest in health and well-being, Wrigley’s bottle formats are a great freshening and sugar-free option for those who graze frequently, and have grown 21% in the last 12 months (Nielsen Scantrack). The launch of our latest media campaign will help retailers maximise reach and accelerate sales during the promotional period.”