Wrap Films Systems, maker of Bacofoil, has been renamed Melitta UK Ltd, after being acquired by the German-based company in 2015.

Melitta bought Wrap Films Systems and its leading food preparation and storage brand, Bacofoil, with the aim of expanding the brand and its product portfolio in the UK.

The International Melitta Group manufactures and markets a wide variety of consumer products including foils and wraps, vacuum bags and cleaning products, and the full range of Melitta coffee preparation products.

As of January 1 2018, the newly named Melitta UK Ltd will supply coffee filters, coffee filter machines and fully automated, bean-to-cup coffee machines to a number of customers, including wholesalers and independent retailers.

The Bacofoil product range, including Kitchen Foil, Cling Film, Food Bags and Baking Paper, will contunue to be sold by the newly-named company.

Paul Feery, country manager at Melitta UK Ltd, UK & Ireland, said: “This is an exciting expansion for the company, as we introduce Melitta’s popular range of coffee products to the UK market. As well as continuing our hard work on the Bacofoil brand, we are looking forward to a new challenge and a new name for the new year.”