Mike Nicholls, owner of Costcutter Dringhouses in York, has seen sales of pint-size cans of traditional lager double since making adjustments to the fixture.

“Alcohol is growing and growing, more people are drinking at home rather than going out. In the past couple of weeks we tweaked the beer fixture, putting more emphasis on pint cans, and sales have gone through the roof, especially Heineken and Stella. Even our Heineken account manager was surprised!

“Pint cans are more competitive and people seem to be buying more of them than the smaller size cans – we’re 90% up in the past six months. Sales of big brand lagers are way above ales and craft beer in our store.

“There was definitely no lull in alcohol sales in January. In fact, we’ve had the best start to a year ever, not just in alcohol but across the store.”

Star performers:

“Pint-size cans of Heineken and Stella.”