Raj Aggarwal, owner of Spar Hackenthorpe in Sheffield, is preparing his store for Halloween and Christmas, with a wide range of confectionery and snacks helping to generate extra seasonal sales.

“We’re gearing up for Halloween and Christmas so we’ve got big displays of chocolates and sweets up in the store. We have all the big tubs and sharing bags in stock - we’re trying to have all the promotional items that the supermarkets might have in their stores.

”Halloween as an event seems to be getting bigger and bigger and we always have nice decorations up in the store. Although the event has definitely got bigger over the last five years, you still have to make the best of it in store.

“It’s still a kids-orientated event with all the trick or treaters but some adults do have their own parties. I think people are willing to spend more now that the demand for Halloween-themed products has grown.”

Star performers: ”Fresh and chilled is doing really well for us, especially ready meals. Spar recently launched its new Tonight’s Sorted range of meals, which is better quality.”

Successful NPD: ”Popchips has performed well after recently being taken over by KP Snacks. I also recently attended the KP Snacks ambassadors forum and am looking forward to more new products from the brand.”

KP Snacks acquired Popchips Europe in July. Popchips is now the fastest growing snack brand in the UK (Nielsen 52 w/e 16 June 2018).