Tracie Horner, sales assistant at Eurospar Carrowdore, Northern Ireland, says lunchbox sales have fallen but tourism is keeping sales strong. 

“The schools have broken up for the summer holidays now so we are getting a few less sales of the lunchbox products but that’s been taken over by all the caravaners who come to holiday here.

“The caravaners tend to buy a lot of the usual stuff but they also like things that are ready prepped as they don’t have much space for preparing meals. For example, we’ve been selling loads of our salad bowls which allow shoppers to enjoy a full salad without having to do any of the chopping.

“Another big seller at the moment is our berries. We do two punnets for £4 and the strawberries are especially popular.

“The Spar own products are also doing well. We’ve been doing tastings of these every Thursday and doing tasters definitely encourages people to buy the product.

“We’ve also been selling a lot of bedding plants as people are getting out in their gardens.”

Successful NPD:

“The new Cadbury Roundie biscuits are selling really well. We’ve currently got them on offer at 99p each and we’ve sited them at the counter, directly in the shopper’s line of sight. They’re really tasty.”

Mondelez International revealed its first Cadbury biscuit, Cadbury Roundie, last year. The round biscuit blends layers of crispy wafers with thick chocolate cream and is coated in chocolate. Roundies are available in a multipack of five (rrp £1.99) in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel variants, with the milk chocolate variant available in singles (rrp 65p or PMP 50p).