Emma Jenkins, owner of Milverton Store, in Taunton, Somerset, is busy ordering the Co-op products that are just becoming available to Nisa retailers.

“I’m currently putting my pre-order together for the new Co-op own label products that are just becoming available to me as a Nisa store.

“These are becoming available to us in four tranches. The first 49 products are available for us to order next week, then another 350 will be available mid-July, another 350 in September, and then the final of the 800 products in total will become available to order in November.

“Right now I’m decided which of the 49 I’ll order next week. The choice includes pizzas, soft drinks, crisps, snacks and biscuits. I’m particularly looking forward to selling the Co-op pizzas as I think these are a jump in quality from the Heritage range.

“I’ll sample these to customers during after school hours over the next few weeks.

“Of course, other good sellers at the moment are multi-packs of beer thanks to the World Cup, as well as BBQ food thanks to this glorious weather.”