Alpesh Patel, who runs a Londis store in Ferme Park Rd, London, has been reminding his shoppers to get into the BBQ spirit with plenty of stock at front of store.

”It’s essential to have some sort of display. In this area in London, people are particularly impromptu with their barbecues so if they see a barbecue in your store then they’ll have one. 

“We’ve got all that stuff at the front of the store plus we’ve made sure the chiller is filled with soft drinks.

“We made sure to think ahead and we did all our maintenance work on the chillers and the AC units before the hot weather kicked in. It’s important to do those things before summer hits as you won’t get a chance once it sets in and you don’t want them breaking down.”

Speaking of soft drinks, Alpesh says he’s seen a change in the way people look at drinks since the sugar tax came into force. He’s noticed people picking up more sugar free options and premium lines.