Ian Millar, of Sandwiches @ Millars, in East View, Morpeth, says the cold weather has brought a lot of people in for hot sandwiches and pies.

“A big part of our trade is our sandwich offer and lately we have been selling a lot of hot sandwiches. We get a lot of shooting parties taking place in our area and the shooting season has just recently finished. During that season we had a lot of people coming in for their pre-shoot breakfast, such as a sausage, egg or bacon sandwich.

“Other popular foods at this time of year are our pastries, flapjacks, traybakes, doughnuts and muffins.

“As we move into Spring, the caravan season begins and we will be getting a lot of travellers stopping off at our shop.

”We are on a main route from Newcastle to Scotland so we get a lot of travellers coming back year after year.”